INFINITI Q50 V6 3.5L & 3.7L 2014-2015

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Bando USA OEM Quality Aramid Serpentine Belt

Aramid cord is utilized for maximum tensile strength and elongation resistance. Dramatically reduces noise and vibration harshness (NVH). Exceeds OE replacement standards for today’s Aramid belt equipped vehicles. High modulus Aramid cord belts offer overall superior performance for gas and diesel engines. Preferred specification for Supercharged applications. Preferred specification for Supercharged applications

  • Ribs : 7 / 0.98 In

  • Lenght: 2020MM / 795K7A

  • OE #: 11720-EY00A ( 2014 ) / 11720-EY00B ( 2015)

  • Country Of Origen: USA / JAPAN